Friday, 8 September 2017

A Vegan/Vegetarian in Malta!

If you'd asked me a few years ago, I would have said that Malta is NOT the place to go for fine vegetarian cuisine-stewed rabbit is considered the national dish here! But during my visit this summer I discovered a whole new world of vegetarian,vegan, and plant based choices (mind officially blown!) so read on for my best picks...

I have to give a shout out to the Happy Cow website/app-it has an extensive list of vegetarian spots all over the world, and it works a bit like Trip Adviser with user reviews. Imagine my surprise when over 20 suggestions popped up for places to eat and shop in Malta! I didn't get around to all of them on this trip, but my belly looks forward to next time!

1. The Grassy Hopper, 59 St John's Street, Valletta.

I ended up coming here 3 times during the course of my trip. The decor is what you'd imagine in a veggie joint-everything has an earthy, hippie, plant based vibe. It's a tiny little cafe style place with only a few tables but it was busy every time I went. As well as usual fare like salads, smoothies and sandwiches, there is a range of amazing vegan mains on the menu. 

The first thing I tried was this Sweet Potato and Black Bean burger-completely vegan and completely amazing! And it's very unusual for me to have a burger and still feel healthy afterwards (don't worry, you can opt for sweet potato fries on the side if you want!).

The next time I went I had the millet tabbouleh and hummus salad-it was a lot tastier than it sounds, they really nailed the flavors in this!

On my third visit I had the vegan Burrito wrap which was another winner, all in all cementing the Grassy Hoppers status as my number one place in Malta for a healthy cafe style lunch.

2. Pastaus, Old Theatre Street, Valletta.

Pastaus was that moment in the trip when the game changed. It's an Italian pasta place where you get to choose your pasta and sauce-I chose this spinach strozzapreti pasta, a pasta made from spinach! And for my sauce I chose alla norma. I also had aubergine and tomato bruschetta for starters, I forgot to snap a pic but it was AMAZING! This was hands down the best bruschetta and pasta I've EVER had. It was truly a flavour explosion like you wouldn't believe. I can't say enough good things about this place! Note: There are non-veggie things on the menu too.

3.  Mint, 30/39 Luzio Junction, Stella Maris Street, Sliema

Mint isn't a vegetarian cafe, but they have lots of veggie vegan stuff on the menu. I had a chickpea burger with spicy rice on the side-it tasted very organic and well flavoured. For dessert, I had a vegan brownie which was a revelation! It's honestly the best brownie I've ever tasted. It was rich and moist, and you would never believe that it didn't have any dairy in it! 

4. Sottozero, Bugibba

You can't go on holiday to Malta and not try some of their amazing gelato at one of their MANY establishments. Sottozero is an unassuming little gelato place that offers lots of different ice cream and sorbet flavours such as chocolate orange, grape sorbet, prickly pear and bubblegum! What makes them really different though is the fact that they have a vegan range as well as a sugar free range-and yes I tried it, and no you can't tell the difference! 

Theobroma123, Old Theatre Street, Valletta

Theobroma is an offshoot of Grassy Hopper that focuses on vegan, raw, and gluten free desserts. I bought a selection of sweet treats to try which were all very good!

And if you need any more convincing about taking a vegan/veggie friendly trip to Malta, check out these pics I snapped at the local supermarket-the non dairy range was HUGE! I also found plenty of soya and tofu products. 

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Happy Holidays!

Anita xx

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