Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Mac 'Mehr' Lipstick Dupe!

Hi everyone! I just thought I'd recommend this dupe for Mac's Mehr-it's so popular it has been sold out everywhere! I discovered Mehr when I borrowed a few lipsticks from my bestie-I wanted something berry-ish and darker than my usual nude/baby pink lips that I do. I fell in love with this shade and clearly a lot of other people have too as when I wanted to buy another it was sold out everywhere I went. It's got a lovely matte but moisturising texture to it and I love that the shade is close to my lips but darker. The funny thing about this shade is that it looks different on everyone. If you do a google image search of the lipstick you'll see tons of girls wearing it but it looking completely different on everyone. It seems to suit everyone! It can come up quite natural on some people but as my natural lip colour is pink, the lipstick comes up quite dark on me which I love. 

I was desperate to find a dupe while Mehr was sold out so after some youtubing and googling and other blogger recommendations I decided to buy a chubby stick by Revlon called COLORBURST MATTE BALM in the shade 225 Sultry. 

Here is a pic of me wearing Mehr with the Mac lip liner Spice:

And here is a pic of me wearing Revlon Colorburst (no lip liner):

To be honest the comparison pics aren't great as it's completely different lighting in both making the shades look slightly different, but believe me when I say it's super close! I love chubby sticks because they're so easy to apply. This one has a sort of cooling effect when you first apply it, it feels like you're putting something minty on your lips. I'm not sure why that is,but either way it's very long lasting and once it's on it stays for hours and even passed the drinking and eating test. It's also retractable which is super handy.

Let me know if you buy it and what you think of it as a dupe for Mehr!

Anita xxx