Friday, 25 March 2016

10 Industry Truths Every Musician Needs To Know

I've been fortunate enough to be able to work in the entertainment industry for a while now, and it's definitely been a roller coaster! I've worked long and hard and have a rhinoceros like skin which is why I'm still standing. For those of you who are crazy enough to want a crack at this music lark, I thought I'd offer you a humorous (but honest) look at what it's like being in the music industry...

1. Everyone is promoting a fake lifestyle that they aren't actually living.
Lately lots of people with 'instagram fame' have come out and talked about how different their lifestyles are compared to the pictures they put up on their accounts, but music industry folk have been faking it up since the beginning of time. The dress is borrowed, the jewels are borrowed, and the money still hasn't come in from their hit record 2 years ago. Try not to get sucked into the bullshit and keep it moving!

2. Sometimes, you'll be broke. 
Whether you're a songwriter, a session singer, a back up vocalist, or you successfully gig, you are self employed which means money will come in dribs and drabs, and sometimes you'll have dry spells.

3. But when you do get paid, it can be very lucrative. 
And this is where people get in trouble-it's easy to blow everything because one minute you have nothing, and the next minute it's champers all round!

4. Say goodbye to weekends and normal hours.
You will work around the clock to promote yourself whenever you aren't gigging, and when you are working it will be on weekends and evenings, so your social life will never match up to your friends unless they're in the industry too.

5. Unless you're on TV the whole time, people will think you should 'get a proper job'.
People who do 'normal' jobs won't always understand what you do and, especially at the beginning, won't see your vision. Stay strong!

6. People will be mean
You will meet some of the worst people you'll ever meet in your life, and they might tell you you aren't good enough (even if you're amazing), you're too fat (even if you weigh 105 pounds), or make you feel unpretty. But that's because people in the music industry are bat shit crazy.

7. You will feel like a performing monkey.
Everywhere you go, you will have to be stage ready. Every annoying person you meet will demand that you prove yourself, so you will always need the right answers ready and a killer song in your arsenal.

8. You will need to be on every social media site
Shameless self promotion is the name of the game, so be prepared to inundate the internet in every which way with useful and useless information about yourself.

9. You'll be a magnet for weirdos
All that over exposure comes at a price. You'll receive fan mail and messages that make you laugh, but also baffle and disturb you!

10. It might all be worth it.
If you can deal with all of the above and more, maybe you're cut out for this after all. Dream big, be strong, and make it happen!