Friday, 1 May 2015

Pentatonix at The Eventim Apollo | Review

I had an awesome night last night when I went to see YouTube sensations Pentatonix (PTX) live-I just had to write a review! After watching them on YouTube for the last couple of years and being wowed by their acapella prowess I had to go and see them live to really see what all the hype is on for my thoughts!

Like most people, I discovered PTX because of spectacular videos like 'Evolution of Music' and 'Evolution of Beyonce'. We've all seen impressive acapella groups on YouTube (I myself was part of one once!) but PTX bring an ingenuity to their acapella arrangements that I personally haven't seen before, and that's why all of their videos go viral. They are individually extremely talented and all get their moment to shine, but the way they weave in and out of songs in their mash-ups is effortless and awe-worthy (is that a word?!). It would be easy to credit lead vocalists Scott, Mitch and Kirstin as being the stars as they each boast impressive but very different voices, but the truth is that bass singer Avi and beatboxer Kevin are a formidable duo that take the arrangements to a whole other planet. Add to all of that talent 5 young people who come across as nothing short of LOVELY, and you have something really special. I was intrigued to see how this would all translate on stage with a 5000 strong audience of adoring YouTube fans.

With nothing but their voices, clever lighting, some stairs, and video footage on a big screen behind them, PTX managed to have the audience eating out of the palm of their hands as if it was a big superstar production. Vocally, it was one and a half hours worth of flawlessness. As a singer, that is what I'm interested in more than anything, and I wouldn't have blamed them at all if there was the odd slipped big note or signs of tiredness (they've been touring for a while).  PTX delivered everything and more-they charmed us with the story of their journey so far, made one fans life by having her up on stage while the band crooned 'Lets Get It On' by Marvin Gaye to her (cue screams and swoons) and even had their 'Beyonce moment', walking through the crowd during one song (Beyonce does this in concert during Halo, something that wouldn't be lost on PTX, also huge Beyonce fans!). It's easy to forget that there are no instruments being played as you get used to the huge sound that PTX create with just their voices-it really needs to be seen and heard in person. During one of the quieter moments, beat boxer Kevin entertained the crowd with his amazing cello and beatbox skills while the rest of the band took a short break.  This reminded me of the many hidden talents they each have up their sleeves (Scott plays the piano) and that there is still so much scope for this band to get bigger, better and more impressive with their stage shows. It's wonderful for a singing YouTuber like me to witness the growth and explosion of other singers on YouTube and what you can achieve with work and determination. 

They're off around the rest of the world now, but when they come back to London, get some tickets! You won't regret it!

Flying kisses,

Anita xxx