Sunday, 28 December 2014

My Final Blog Post Of 2014 - What A Year!

Hi everyone! I can't believe we are at the end of the year already! This has honestly been one of the best years of my life :-)

 I started the year celebrating my New Years in Paris (you can read my posts on that HERE and HERE.
This year I expanded my home studio and feel like I did more to fully realise my potential. I learned so much more about things like film editing and also music production which helped me to create bigger and better videos for youtube. This gave me so much confidence to branch out and do more for myself technically.
 I did so many music gigs this year and worked a lot with other bands which has helped me grow as an artist and also meant that I have had some wonderful experiences. One of my highlights this year was singing John Legends 'All Of Me' for a couple's first dance in a beautiful converted monastery. It's forever!

I appeared in a No7 lipstick commercial in the summer which ran for a month on ITV and got to work with one of my favourite music video directors Dawn Shadforth. I had high powered meetings and had to turn down some interesting opportunities. It took strength and determination to walk away from some of the things I was offered but ultimately my artistic integrity is the most important thing to me. I have to work in the music industry in a way that makes me happy and no amount of money will make me waver on that. 

On a personal note, my brother got married this year and had a lavish big fat Indian wedding, and my first nephew was born. 

It's hard to get it all into one blog post really, all the moments that made me smile, the memories that will stay with me forever, and the achievements. Looking ahead to next year I have some personal goals that I want to achieve, I don't really make New Years resolutions but I always have things in mind I want to get done. I already have some great things to look forward to in 2015 but I want to make sure I fit in more travel. A couple of trips to the USA for various reasons and maybe somewhere exotic and secluded. I wrote lots of new music in 2014, so in 2015 I need to share it with you all :-) 

My next blog post will be in 2015 (next week) when I will be telling you all about my New Years adventure.  I hope you have an amazing time-thank you to everyone who supported me in 2014 and took the time to comment, like, share, and subscribe. Happy New Year to my online family, I love you all! 

Lots of love, Anita xxx