Friday, 27 June 2014

I recreated Usher's song 'Good Kisser' with only my voice and things in my bedroom!

Hello everyone!

So I'm loving the new Usher track and therefore decided to do my own version. Due to the naughty and personal nature of the lyrics I switched them up to my own-as a result my version is going out to all the great men out there who know exactly how to please the ladies in their lives! What I loved most about the track was the percussive and stripped back production-as soon as I heard it I could hear all the individual parts and how I might interpret them using random objects around my room...

So I decided to do a completely acapella version. If you listen closely you can hear every musical part has been done by either my voice or an object in my room/home.

You can hear and download the song from the soundcloud link below and see the video below on youtube which really highlights some of the things I've used to create the sounds (such as a Harry Potter book!)

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Flying kisses,

Anita xxx