Monday, 13 January 2014

Pharrell Williams is Happy, I'm Happy, everyone is Happy!

Hi everyone! So I've had a bit of a gap in blog posts as I've had a busy time of it recently-I'll be writing about everything I've been getting up to this week so everything is in a different order to how it actually happened in my life but hey ho! After the break, my cover of Happy by Pharrell, and my reasons for doing it!

So just yesterday I put up my version of the song 'Happy' by Pharrell Williams. Let me take a second to tell you how much I love this song. It came out of nowhere like a breath of fresh air, not just because of the cool, slightly retro production, and not simply down to the insanely catchy soaring harmonies that fill up the chorus, but also because of the sentiment of the song-feeling Happy. I challenge anyone to criticise a song with such an easy breezy attitude and lyric that asks you to 'clap your hands if you feel like a room without a roof'. I mean, who DOESN'T feel like a room without a roof when they're happy? I'm a totally roofless room when I'm in a good mood. And if I wasn't able to quite verbalise the feeling before, thanks to this song, I now am.
And just today, Happy went to number 1 in the UK for the SECOND time. Would it be a little presumtuous and premature to think that my cover of the song going up just yesterday in any way might have helped it get to number 1 again? Definately. It's a nice thought though isn't it :-D

 So now that we're all in agreement that it's a fabulously catchy and infectious song, of course, I HAD to do a cover of it. I added a few different lyrics ('click your heels down the road, in your ruby red high heel shoes'...etc) and I find it very difficult to cover any song without putting some of me into it so I have subtly added some parts that aren't in the original. Hopefully you'll agree that these additions don't take away from the sentiment of the song and only serve to enhance it's happy message.
So after recording and mixing a completely acapella version myself (I use Cubase) and smiling all the way through it, I also put together and edited an accompanying video with, I hope you'll agree, very cool split screen effects.
And here it is. I hope it makes you feel as happy as it made me :-)

And you can download my version of the track here for free on Soundcloud