Monday, 4 January 2016

2015 in Review: The Biggest Entertainment News of The Year

2015 was a year chock full of surprises across the board in the entertainment world. 
Living in the 1 second meme world that we do, it's easy to forget the things that were so big even just a few months ago. So here's a roundup of just a few of the stand out moments of the year!

50 Shades of Grey 

If you don't know about this you must have been hiding under a rock before during and after Valentines Day 2015!! That is all. 

The quietest member of the 'Kardashian Massive' Bruce Jenner managed to overshadow every member of the family by revealing his gender transition to the world and celebrating it with a Vanity Fair cover that will go down in history for so many reasons, least of all because of how fabulous she looked. Check it out HERE.

Uptown Funk

At the beginning of the year all you could hear see and breathe was uptown funk, the monster of all throwback tracks by Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson. After a year dominated by retro courtesy of Pharrell and friends, Bruno hit us with an almighty stonker of a hit, proving the public's appetite for all things pop funk and mainly showing that a man as cool and talented as Bruno Mars can even pull off old lady rollers. Check out my 'One Woman Band' version of it HERE

Contouring Craziness...and Sexy Strobing

Make up contouring has been around since BC (probably) but the Kardashians have single handedly taken a look that was more commonly used by drag queens and 80's popstars (no really, google it) and brought it into the 2010's as a wearable daily look. Wearable in the sense that everyone was wearing it, whether it looked good or not. You've all seen the pics on instagram and all over your friends' facebook profiles- dark brown and bright white scribbles of makeup all over a persons face which is then blended to a flawlessly sculpted finish. The problem with it of course was that it sculpted everyone's face into the same shape, implying that there is only one face shape that is beautiful, and also meant that girls were wearing a shit tonne of makeup on the daily. But then came strobing! As a direct backlash against contouring, strobing stepped into the light this year, a technique that involves simply highlighting your beautiful areas and leaving out the contouring bit, giving everyone a dewy, youthful and much more natural look. Phew. 

Ashley Madison 

Long story short-a website where you can sign up to have extra marital affairs (yes really) was hacked and millions of users' information were released to the world. Cheaters were exposed and made us feel icky (check out devout Christian vloggers, and married couple,  'Sam and Nia' and how it played out for them!). But beyond all of that, people like me and you learned about a website we'd never heard of before and they recently announced that they'd gained 4 million more members since the news broke. Which makes me feel great about humanity and the sanctity of marriage. Not. 

Star Wars

Episode 7 came out and it was too epic for words. However due to the religious nature of the Star Wars fandom, it's still way too soon after it came out for me to write anything about it online for fear of revealing spoilers and being a, to use the scientific word, ruiner. 

The Purpose Movement

Justin Bieber started releasing lots of music and videos from his album in quick succession and labelled it a movement. Whatever you want to label it, the tracks were pretty damn good and he converted the last resisting few into Beliebers! Check out my medley of some of his best ever music HERE


Adele came back and did what she usually does-got the whole planet buying her album.

Things I Barely Remember

Things blow up on the internet and are then forgotten roughly 3 seconds later. I vaguely remember something about a blue dress (or was it gold?), Ariana Grande licking a doughnut, Katy Perry's Left Shark, and Kanye West running for president. And a partridge in a pear tree. 

Those are the biggest things I can remember from the year-what have I missed out that should be on the list? Let me know in the comments!

Lots of love,

Anita xxx