Sunday, 12 July 2015

The Elephant Man, Tori Kelly, Todrick Hall, and Wedding Dance's!

London had a heatwave last week! And it's continuing this week! Sorry for being so British and talking about the weather, but you know how good weather is like gold dust over here so...

Aside from enjoying the lovely weather and getting some much needed colour in my cheeks I thought I'd tell you about some of the things I'm loving this week, so read on for more...

I know I'm always going to Tibits and always talking about it, but I have to because I love it! I was in there again this week for lunch and it was extra lovely in the sunshine. Tibits is my fave veggie restaurant-it has great food and is in the perfect location just off Regent Street. Drop in sometime!

On Tuesday I went to the Theatre Royal in Haymarket to watch The Elephant Man starring Hollywood heart throb Bradley Cooper. I'm not sure about the play if I'm honest. I grew up on the film, even though this play was written first, and have always been fascinated by the story of John/Joseph Merrick. Personally the play left me a little cold-I felt some of the other characters could have drawn me in more and that some of the dialogue wasn't emotive enough. Whatever you might think of the play though, Bradley Cooper is amazing in it and it's great to see him take on such a serious role. He does an excellent job of portraying Merrick without the use of any prosthetics, a true testament to his acting ability. It's definitely worth a watch and Cooper thoroughly deserved his standing ovation. 

Tori Kelly's album came out and went straight in at number 1 on itunes! I've been watching Tori for a few years on her YouTube channel and am so happy to see her achieving big things-she's an immense talent and I've got my copy of her album. I'll do a review of it when I've listened to it more! Grab a copy of  the album 'Unbreakable Smile' -we need to support talent.

As well as Tori, Todrick Hall has been entertaining me loads on his YouTube Channel . Not only does he do amazing things like this 90's Disney medley, he also vlogs all the time letting you into his crazy and creative world of making viral videos. Because of all the hard work he puts into his YouTube work, MTV have given him a show which will be airing on August 31st! I'm really looking forward to it and encourage anyone who hasn't checked out Todrick, to go ahead and do just that. He's currently on tour, check out his website for dates near you.

I've been busy working on some cool new videos for MY YouTube channel for the last couple of weeks and in between working I attended a friend's wedding. They had already asked me last year to sing Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran for their first dance which I was honoured to do. I feel loads of pressure when people ask me to sing their first dance because it's a moment that will be viewed one day by their children and grandchildren! It's really a beautiful moment to be part of and the couple had rehearsed a dance similar to the one in Ed's video which was a lovely touch.

That's all for this week folks, next week I'm dropping a new YouTube video so subscribe to my channel and make sure you choose the options which mean you'll be notified when I upload a video!

Flying kisses! 

Anita xxx