Wednesday, 29 July 2015

String Quartets, Greek Wedding, and Major Lazer! #LifeOfASinger

Last week was a mad week of filming, recording, and gigging! My kind of week :-) Read on for more...

During the week I put the finishing touches to my version of Lean On by Major Lazer feat. MO. It's been the song of the year so far and I love it because it makes me feel like being on holiday! It has an awesome video which was filmed in India so of course being Indian myself, I thought I'd take the opportunity to do something Indian influenced too. I created the song with just my voice and got to wear some colorful Indian costumes in the video. My version definitely has it's own flavour, but thankfully the producers of the track Major Lazer and Diplo liked it :-D :

On Saturday, I got to work with an amazing string quartet  and a group of soul singers. We were recording a Christmas song live (in preparation for upcoming events in the Christmas period). It's great to be able to work with other singers, I feel it makes me a better singer, and it's always a pleasure to be around classical musicians. Here are some selfies of me trying to capture the strings at the same time:

 On Sunday I travelled to Manchester to sing at a Greek wedding! I am fortunate enough to be asked to perform with a variety of bands for one off appearances, and on Saturday the lovely Mirage Band UK asked me to guest perform with them-I was asked to sing a very popular Greek song (sung in English), but they have challenged me to sing an actual Greek song in Greek next time! I'm happy to give it a try as it's always nice to be challenged...but let's see what happens!! After a 7am wake up call and spending the whole day there, we had decided to drive back on the same day after the show finished at 1. Due to terrible weather, having to stop because of tiredness, and an accident on the M1, I got back home at 9:30 am the following day! One of the more painful journeys I've had in recent times-but that's rock 'n' roll!
(Tired at the gig)

Until next time!

Flying kisses,

Anita xxx