Tuesday, 16 June 2015

June Favourites - Music, Movies, Makeup, & More!

I enjoy nothing more than sharing the things I love and have newly discovered so I thought I'd do my first ever 'favourites' post! These are the things I've been loving this month...

I love discovering new artists on YouTube. Being an artist myself, I'm a huge fan of music and still feel that pleasure I used to get as a kid when I hear something awesome for the first time. Youtube is where I found Pentatonix (click HERE to read my review on their recent show in London) and this month I discovered an artist called Kina Grannis. She's got a really sweet beautiful voice, writes pretty songs, and has a general aura of loveliness-check out her YouTube channel HERE

The next thing is two things I love rolled into one. My music (so humble, ha!), and YouTube. To celebrate 10 years since Youtube began, I put together 'The Youtube Song'. Parodying Kelly Clarkson's 'Heartbeat Song' I re-worked the lyrics to remind us of all the things we can't live without now that YouTube is in our lives. Check out the video for all the biggest YouTube virals ever. 

Kaushal Beauty is my next June favourite. If you haven't heard of her, she's a hugely successful beauty blogger with an awesome YouTube channel featuring lots of great beauty tips and tricks, and has a very sweet and appealing on screen demeanor. Head on over to her channel now to check it out! She's Indian and tiny just like me, more than enough reason to be a June favourite!

Jurassic World makes it onto the list-I've been waiting for this movie to come out ever since I heard a whisper of it. I was very young when the first Jurassic Park came out and it was totally mind blowing! Fast forward 22 years and the dream of the original movie, to create a dinosaur theme park, has been realised and is fully functional. Jurassic World plays out like the 4th installment we've all been waiting for and it doesn't disappoint. Yes there are some cheesy and implausible moments, but you get what it says on the tin with this movie and it's a thoroughly enjoyable watch. 

L'oreal Superstar Mascara is my favourite beauty buy for the month, The last mascara that I absolutely loved got discontinued which always happens to me (grrr) so I was on the lookout for a replacement. I was pleasantly surprised with this mascara. It has two stages to it, at first you prime your lashes with the white side and then you put on the black mascara. I find doing the two things annoying because it adds a little more time onto the process but I have to admit that the results are fantastic and that I was pleasantly surprised with the volume and length I was able to achieve without clumping. A thumbs up from me!

So let me know what you think of my June faves and hit me up in the comments!

Flying kisses!

Anita xxx