Saturday, 3 January 2015

Hello 2015! | My New Years Adventure

Hi everyone-Happy New Year!

I'm only just coming down from all the festivities-Christmas and New Year has been one long eating fest with tons of presents chucked in! Last year I shared with you my New Years in Paris which you can recap on here and here so I HAD to share this years one with you as well even though it wasn't quite as FANCY. By the way, the picture is me modelling my new Cossack hat on the train up to Oxfordshire. :-D

This year I went up to Oxfordshire to a town called Banbury and stayed there for 4 days. The reason I stayed there was because my cousin and I decided we wanted to do something a bit quirky and fun on NYE. So we decided to do a Murder Mystery Evening! It was all part of a package and held in the ballroom of the same hotel we were staying in. The dress code was black tie and cocktail dresses so it was fun dressing up. We really didn't know what to expect and were pleased to find people of all ages dressed up to the nines who had all come with the same attitude as us-to have fun! Over the course of the evening we had a fab 3 course dinner during which actors staged various conversations and arguments which we would all try and hear and take notes. We had been given leaflets which contained info on the characters and also some clues. We were told that we were guests at Gerry and Annette Davenports leaving party-here is a paragraph from the notes we were given:

"You have been invited to a going away party. Gerry and Annette Davenport have just sold up everything, including their booming publishing business, and are retiring to New Zealand. Before they go they have decided to throw one last party to say goodbye to all the friends, family and work colleagues they are leaving behind, including the new owner of their company."

At a certain point in the evening one of the actors staggered in with a knife wound in his chest and collapsed dead in the middle of the room cue the whole room erupting in cheers! After this we spent the rest of the evening questioning the other actors and then trying to guess who the murderer was-my guess was wrong of course, but it was fun anyway! I highly recommend doing a murder mystery evening if you are up for some silliness with your friends! After the murder was solved, we counted down to the New Year and danced into the early hours and somehow, as per usual, I found myself with a microphone in my hand crooning 'Happy' by Pharrell to a packed dance floor. It always ends up that way! For the other days that I was there we went bowling, had long walks, and enjoyed good food in cosy pubs. It was a fun and relaxing new Years Eve and definitely one to remember.

I do love a good old hot chocolate and dessert in the winter. 

Me in my room on NYE before I started to get ready for the big evening.

A bottle of bubbly to start off the festivities!

Ready to rock!

There's been a murrrderrrrrr!!!

As usual, I'm handed a mic on the dancefloor! Click HERE to watch the vid of me singing!

Couldn't resist...

A 16th  Century pub in Banbury!

That's all for now folks, I had a fab time, let me know what you got up to this NYE in the comments!

Flying kisses!

Anita xxx