Friday, 14 November 2014

My Autumn Favourites | Fashion

Hi everyone! I love Autumn! I get to pull out all my snuggly clothes, I start thinking about indoor things to do in London such as checking out the various museums and galleries, and I love changing up my hair and makeup to suit the colder weather. Here are a few of my favourite items that I've recently bought in time for Autumn!

I generally love wearing hats, but Autumn and Winter is when it makes most sense of course. I like all different types of hats to suit my varying moods and varying style. The street side of me loves a good beanie, so I picked up this maroon one from Asos complete with 'GEEK' written in bold on the front which is exactly what I am. Beanies are great for bad hair days, good hair days, they make a smart outfit a little more chilled, and they make a chilled outfit a little more cool! I also got this grey cable knit 'turban' hat from asos (bottom row). It's lovely and warm and I think it's a cute autumn winter spin on the very glam turban hats you can buy. 

I love big over-sized coats for Autmn/Winter and I got this one from ebay! Because it's so big, I'm able to layer up with big chunky knit jumpers underneath and I especially love the contrast print lining. I roll up the sleeves and let it swing open and it looks great over everything. 

I'm loving loose waves this Autumn, and I achieve this look with a curling tong. The bigger the chunks of hair you put in the tong, the bigger the curl. I also cut some short layers into my hair very roughly and cut some bangs into the front to give my hair a blocky messy vibe. I don't recommend cutting your own hair, but because my hair is naturally curly I'm able to chop into it and just achieve the shape I want without needing to be neat. I also love bold lip colours right now and have totally ditched my usual nudes. In these pics I'm wearing my Revlon colour burst chubby stick in 'Sultry'.

And finally, my absolute favourite purchase of the last two months-my Converse Allstars wedge trainers! I cannot describe how comfy these are-they're really spongey on the inside which makes me feel like I'm walking on air and they have this awesome crazy red print on the sole. I bought them online at USC and haven't seen them anywhere else, so I might have to buy another pair for when these ones are battered because I love them so much!

What are your Autumn favourites? Any recommendations? Sharing is caring!

Anita xxx