Saturday, 12 July 2014

Ripples | Opportunities And Knowing When To Turn Things Down

Hi everyone!

So today's post is all about opportunities and ripples. I felt motivated to write this post because over the last year or so I have been seeing the fruits of my labour. 

This brings me to my first point-ripples. So many artists get disheartened, because the journey to success can feel extremely overwhelming, especially when you don't have a large team backing you. We live in an exciting time with so many things at our disposal-our favourite artists are a tweet away, we can talk to and exchange music with fans directly, and we can create studio quality music in our bedrooms and then promote it online as much or as little as we want. At the same time, the internet is saturated with millions of budding singers, songwriters, producers, and so on. At times it can feel like you're getting buried under the mass of random content out there on the World Wide Web.

This is where your belief in yourself comes in. It's such a cliche, 'believe in yourself', but it's funny how many people don't truly take it to heart. If you don't believe in your talent, no one else will. Fact. Over the years I've had so many people  tell me what I SHOULD be doing.  But I just continue to do what I'm doing. singing, writing music, and anything else that takes MY fancy. I believe in what I do so wholeheartedly, that I don't care if anyone else is late in catching on. It's that belief that ultimately has kept me on my path and brought opportunities to my doorstep. I make content that I believe is of value-I want to make good music, entertain, and inspire, and I remind myself of that whenever I put something out.  Everything we all do creates ripples. Imagine a duck wading through water and the ripples behind it that start so small and get bigger and bigger, eventually touching things that are a mile away. Now imagine you are the duck. As long as we make sure we completely believe in what we're doing and do it with the best,  positive intentions, somewhere down the line those ripples yield results. Which brings me onto my next point. Opportunities. 

Without going into too much detail, over the last year or so I've been offered a development and recording contract, a Bollywood movie, been invited to a meeting with a major label to 'talk about my options', been offered a role in a commercial, been asked to help come up with musical social media content for a huge celebrity backed charity...the list goes on. It hasn't happened for no reason of course. Starting with my debut music video High Heels I have been steadily putting out original music and cover songs/mixtape tracks which have slowly found their way in front of the right people. 

The reason I decided to talk about this is not because I want to boast about it all-the fact is I turned some of those opportunities down and therefore there's no point going into any detail about them. I'm talking about it because I want my fellow artists and creatives to stick to their guns and to believe in the possibilities of their own ripples. So why did I turn some of those opportunities down? Because although my head told me they were amazing opportunities my gut told me NO. I strongly listen to that feeling, because it is never wrong.

I walked away, but I walked away feeling so humbled and grateful that those opportunities came to ME. ME! I do music because it's who I am, I have no choice in the matter, and as a result amazing people pay attention to me and amazing opportunities come to me and I get to do wonderful things that I look forward to telling my grandchildren's humbling, and I feel grateful. I have big ambitions but I am so thankful for every little opportunity. I see these opportunities as the bricks that are paving my path to success, my yellow brick road. I can't resist a Wizard of Oz analogy because just like The Godfather, you can find all of life's answers in the film! People around me think I'm mad for turning certain things down and wonder if I might regret it. But so far I really don't regret turning anything down-I truly believe the universe is guiding me down the right path, so whenever those red flags come up I accept that I shouldn't take that turning, however attractive it may look. My ethos is Dream big, listen to your belly, make sure everything you do is quality, and then watch those ripples.

Have you ever had a bad feeling about something? In the pit of your stomach? LISTEN TO IT!

Thoughts? Hit me in the comments!

Flying kisses!

Anita xxx