Friday, 7 March 2014

5 Reasons The Oscars 2014 Were The Funniest To Date

So anyone who knows me knows I love Ellen DeGeneres, but then again, who doesn't?! She is genuinely warm and funny and she's one of those celebs  no one has a bad word to say about. So when she hosted the Oscars ceremony for a second time, everyone knew it was going to be worth a watch! And it turned out to be a record breaking evening as well, not only because of 'that selfie' (more on that later), but also because of it's viewing figures. It was the most watched Oscars since 2004, and the most watched entertainment telecast since the Friends' finale in 2004! Impressive figures for a ceremony which tends to be quite boring, here are 5 of the reasons it was anything but...

1. Jennifer Lawrence falls over...again.

Jennifer Lawrence is currently America's sweetheart. Down to earth and bordering on geeky with Hollywood looks is a combination that is paying off for her. A talented actress, cemented by her Oscar win last year so early in her career, she proves in her interviews time and time again that she doesn't take herself too seriously and that she is still just your regular girl next door. The world warmed to her that much more when she fell over on her way to collect her Oscar trophy last year (here). She dealt with it like any normal person would-laughed and got embarrassed! And this year, she did it again! But this time it was as she got out of her car to walk the red carpet and it was captured on camera thanks to the red carpet coverage E! provided. P.S I love how she almost took down the woman in front of her lol!

2. Adele Da-who?!

John Travolta had the (clearly difficult!) task of introducing Idina Menzel to the stage for her awesome performance of the Oscar wining song 'Let it go' from Disney's Frozen. Unfortunately, he mispronounced it as Adele Dazeem. Cue endless ridicule over the days that followed like this and a statement where he apologized and admitted his embarrassment. swiftly put up The Adele Dazeem Name Generator where you can put in your name and 'travoltify' it, and so it will go down in Oscar history! My Travoltified name is Alana Sholmba!

3. THAT selfie

In a move to break a record for the most retweets that wasn't entirely unplanned, Ellen asks Meryl Streep and a whole host of other celebs to join her in a record breaking selfie. The result? A moment that will go down in Oscar history, priceless organic advertising for Samsung, the 'breaking' of twitter (Twitters servers went down due to the sheer amount of retweeting and traffic) and one of the funniest moments of the whole Oscar ceremony due to the banter between the celebs, check it out here.

4. The Pizza dude's here!

It is a well known fact that the celebs at The Oscars don't get fed unlike other awards ceremonies such as The Bafta's. If you take into account the celebs getting ready, arriving on the red carpet, doing countless interviews and meeting their fans, you can imagine how starving they are by the time the lengthy ceremony gets underway. So imagine their delight when Ellen led a pizza guy onto the stage with boxes of pizza which were handed out to the first few rows of celebrities. Not only was this a popular move amongst the starving celebrities, but it also reinforced the atmosphere Ellen had created of a much more relaxed and fun Oscars. The pizza guy himself is called Edgar Martirosyan and was shocked to find himself onstage-not only did he get priceless advertising for his family owned pizza place, but he got to hand out pizza to his crush Julia Roberts. Watch the moment here.

5. Ellen the good witch of the North

Just after Pink performed a beautiful rendition of Somewhere Over The Rainbow in celebration of it's 75th anniversary, Ellen ran onto the stage in full on Glinda The Good Witch costume pretending to have missed her cue-it was cute and hilarious all at the same time, and that kind of sums up Ellen in my opinion!

Those were just a few of the best moments, I haven't even got onto the Wizard of Oz (my obsession) tribute or the amazing performance by Idina Menzel of Let It Go from my fave film of the moment, Frozen! But if I got into that we would literally be here all day!!

What did you think of Ellen's presenting of the Oscars? Comment below!

Anita xxx