Wednesday, 26 March 2014

"I'm not Bossy. I'm the Boss."

Hi everyone!

I've actually got loads to write about at the moment with loads going on, but I wanted to first speak about something that has recently come to my attention-the Ban Bossy campaign. When I saw this video it was really interesting to me, not only because I have been labelled bossy many times in my life, but because I am currently working on a song and video that I wrote which sort of tackles this topic. It's kind of weird because although I'm not superstitious at all, lately I keep seeing and hearing things that directly relate to my song in a million different ways-I'll elaborate more on this at a later date when I actually put the song out. In today's blog post I want to talk about how being called bossy has affected me in my life, and my thoughts on this campaign....

Thursday, 20 March 2014

How To | Halo Braid In 2 Minutes

Hey everyone! Check out my tutorial-How To Do A Halo Braid in under 2 minutes! It's such a cute but easy style to achieve :-) See if you can beat my 2 minutes! xxx

Friday, 7 March 2014

5 Reasons The Oscars 2014 Were The Funniest To Date

So anyone who knows me knows I love Ellen DeGeneres, but then again, who doesn't?! She is genuinely warm and funny and she's one of those celebs  no one has a bad word to say about. So when she hosted the Oscars ceremony for a second time, everyone knew it was going to be worth a watch! And it turned out to be a record breaking evening as well, not only because of 'that selfie' (more on that later), but also because of it's viewing figures. It was the most watched Oscars since 2004, and the most watched entertainment telecast since the Friends' finale in 2004! Impressive figures for a ceremony which tends to be quite boring, here are 5 of the reasons it was anything but...