Tuesday, 21 January 2014

How To Get The Loreal Ombre Look Temporarily | Hair Chalk

Hello everyone!

So I'm sure all of you will be aware of the 'Loreal Ombre' look that I mentioned in the title-it's that look so many people are wearing at the moment where their hair starts dark and then gradually blends into blonde at the tips. Now this look isn't owned by Loreal, but when this look clearly took off from about 2 years ago onwards with every celebrity rocking it, Loreal finally released a DIY kit allowing you to achieve the look yourself at home for about 6 pounds rather than having to go to a salon and paying a lot more money to get it done.

The kit includes bleach for the tips which seems to be the only way to make your hair blonde. I've never thought about trying this look myself, but when I heard about the DIY kit, I started wondering if there was another way of colouring your tips a different colour without doing something as drastic as bleaching, which can really damage and dry out your hair. I was interested in finding a way of doing it for perhaps only one evening and then being able to wash it out. And then I discovered hair chalk. After the break, check out my hair chalk do's and don'ts and the accompanying video tutorial...

I purchased a small pack of hair chalks online for a couple of pounds which included a few of the colours I wanted to experiment with. One of the colours in the pack was a tan/blonde colour and I decided to experiment with this to see if I could get the ombre look. The video tutorial below was my first time ever trying it. Here's some advice before you start:

  • It can get messy, so make sure you protect your clothing before you start.
  • If you have dark hair, you will definately need to wet it before you apply the chalk, otherwise it won't take.
  • If you have blonde hair, DON'T wet it.
  • Once the chalk is on, dry it and then go over it with either straightening irons or curling tongs to fix in the colour even more-you don't have to do this, it's only if you want it to last longer.
And the rest is in the video! Let me know what you think, and if you decide to try it yourself, tell me about it so we can compare notes! Happy chalking!

Anita xxxx